BILAL Utensils was established with the aim of producing elite and stylish designs for its functional and performance cookware to meet the culinary needs of its global customers at affordable prices. Our cookware is manufactured by our high-tech factory in Turkey, which is using the latest technologies and featuring forged aluminum bodies with quality non-stick coatings.


Our Target

We target to produce sanitary and nature friendly cookwares. The CENA-branded wares are healthy and reliable.


Our Vision

CENA asks from its suppliers to provide the materials and articles complying with the food contact specifications as it has adopted a business philosophy stressing “indispensability of human health”. It is supplied by the best companies of the world in interior and outer coating. We believe that the health of human beings is crucial so that they may lead a comfortable and healthy life. Therefore taking the health of human beings into consideration we implement our production in accordance with the Alimentary Products Law.


Our Mission

CENA, during its production process, constantly cares about physical, biological, social, economic and cultural environment with which all the living beings keep their relations on and in which interact one another. The nature-friendly policy of CENA, using highly efficient technology and methods, is based on a principle in which less natural resource, less energy and less waste production emerge for a certain amount of production.


Cena is your perfect kitchen companion.


A premium cookware with a 100% natural. Excellent cookingresults, fast and uniform cooking.

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